Simple Elf On The Shelf Concepts


You’ve hit on this text since you’re on the lookout for tremendous simple Elf on the Shelf concepts. Aren’t all of us? As a result of as soon as your children are in class, the Elf on the Shelf present actually begins. What the elf has been as much as every evening is presently the recent subject of dialog on the morning college run. In the event you’re like me and have spent the final two years merely putting the elves round the home in numerous positions considering ‘that’ll do’ you is likely to be realising that this laid-back strategy is not sufficient. It’s time to up the ante. However simply barely. We’re speaking simple peasy stress-less Elf on the Shelf concepts that require minimal fuss and planning.

Simple Elf on the Shelf concepts

Discover the hidden deal with

Get a bunch of paper cups, and conceal a deal with beneath a cup. In the event you’ve acquired two children, you’ll want two treats, underneath two cups – you catch my drift, no one desires to begin WW3, least of all of the elves. Sit your elf subsequent to the sport. Too simple.

Rest room roll race down the steps

Merely pop your elf in the bathroom roll and let it unravel down the steps. In the event you’ve acquired multiple elf (sure, we’ve acquired Elf, Elf’s spouse, and three buddy elves, a reindeer and a child Elf – what oh what have we executed!) they will have a race. Simply place them strategically so you possibly can all return up and down the steps till the elves disappear the subsequent evening. Except there are guidelines about transferring them that I’m unaware of!? Please, someone, fill me in.

Rest room roll swing

As a result of even we’ve acquired a ball of string and an previous bathroom roll handy! Merely reduce off a protracted piece of string, thread it via the bathroom roll and dangle the swing to your curtain rail. That’s the simple bit executed. The difficult bit is sticking the elf to the swing, so that you’ll must resolve on just a few issues right here. Are you going to chop his palms aside? And the way are you going to stay him to the swing? Cellotape might be the reply right here.


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Cereal field

Arrange the breakfast desk upfront and reduce head holes within the cereal containers, and place the elves inside, so their heads come out. And possibly make little holes for his or her arms, if you wish to go all out.

Crimson nostril thought

This includes placing crimson pen or make-up in your baby’s nostril. Not very best if it rubs off on the bedsheets and disappears earlier than the morning, however may doubtlessly be very humorous (for the youngsters). Place the elf downstairs with a pot of crimson paint and a paintbrush, with a notice saying “Look within the mirror!” Tee hee hee.

Hanging out with the toys

You may eke out fairly just a few prospects for this one. Make use of your children’ toys, and get the elves concerned. Stick him in a digger, or the Barbie caravan, arrange a prepare monitor and place the elves in and across the scene. Get out a tea set, and let the elves have a tea get together. Or crack open the board video games. The elves are determined to play Pie Face, Procuring Checklist recreation and Tornado!

Hanging from the lights

A simple one. Considered one of my favs. In the event you’ve acquired a lightweight becoming they will swing from, make use of that – safely. We’ve acquired an illuminated sphere hanging in our workplace room, which works as a cage to stay all of the elves in. Though by itself, not the funniest choice, so get inventive with a little bit of tinsel, and have one elf climbing as much as meet the others, or tie a dinosaur to the tinsel, so it appears to be like just like the elves try to flee.

Shoe prepare in your hallway

Arrange a path of your sneakers within the hallway and stick the elves within the sneakers. You may fill the spare sneakers with different toys – the elves are nice at making buddies, proper?!

Elf zip line

Again to that ball of string! Arrange a zipper line from the steps right down to the lounge (or the highest of the kitchen cabinets right down to the kitchen desk, and many others – you get the image!) and dangle your elves from the road. That is when it’s useful for them to have their palms knitted collectively…

Free reindeer poop

The poop gags are at all times the most effective, aren’t they? And fortunate they’re a very easy Elf on the Shelf thought. Refill a small cup with raisins, and depart an indication saying “Free Reindeer Poop” and place your elf proudly subsequent to your show.

Extra Elf on the Shelf Poop concepts

The elves love a bit of rest room motion, and should you’ve not taken it there but, it’s now time. I’ve seen individuals sitting them on the bathroom, however I do not know how they use the john within the day that follows, so contemplate this when establishing your scene. Breaking the elf code and touching the elves is a SERIOUS ISSUE. You may

Saturday evening is blissful hour!

Somewhat grownup humour by no means harm anyone! Use shot glasses as pint glasses, and sit your elf or elves collectively have a bit of beer.

Use your TV to set your Elf on the Shelf scene

YouTube is nice for setting background scenes, however the one disadvantage is that you just’ve acquired to recollect to sneak downstairs within the morning to change it on…

I’ve used this Christmas Music background scene and advised the youngsters the elves try to point out them the place they reside within the North Pole, and for the Completely happy Hour scene, try this medieval fantasy tavern.

Kitchen thieves!

Crack open some biscuits and use some string to hold your elf the other way up from the kitchen cabinet, and place the pile of biscuits beneath. Don’t neglect to make a little bit of a biscuity mess. These elves are messy, don’t neglect.

Making marshmallow snowman

All of us love Olaf, and the elves are lacking the snow. It’s time to construct a snowman, with cocktail sticks and marshmallows! You may even depart a notice ‘Do you wish to construct a snowman?’ Use pens to attract on faces, buttons and scarfs.

A marshmallow exercise

Stick two respectable measurement marshmallows on both finish of a straw, lie our elf down, and also you’ve acquired your personal weight bar!

Rest room roll snowman

Stack up three lavatory rolls, pop your elf within the gap, and use felt suggestions draw a snowman on the entrance of the three rolls.

Rest room roll Christmas tree adorning

It’s fortunate we’re not within the procuring shortages of the pandemic, isn’t it? Since you’ll must top off on a whole lot of lavatory roll for these simple Elf on the Shelf concepts! Stick your elf or elves within the tree, and canopy it with lavatory roll. Et voila! Job executed.


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