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The sucking reflex is a part of infants regular, wholesome improvement whether or not it’s thumb, finger, or dummy. Dummies are sensible soothers, they’re sensible at comforting little ones to assist them go to sleep very quickly in any respect. However whenever you’re selecting your dummy in your new child, you’re in all probability not fascinated about the impression on child enamel, and when to take it away…

We’ve teamed up with premium Danish brand BIBS to share some necessary info on dummies and child enamel in addition to some useful ideas that can assist you select the correct dummy form in your child.

Ought to I give my child a dummy?

There are a number of benefits of giving your new child a dummy, but it surely’s typically beneficial to make sure breastfeeding has been established, as soon as your child is about one month outdated.

To start with, a child will suck actually exhausting on a dummy when settling all the way down to sleep. Regularly, the pace and energy of the suck will diminish.  This displays different issues that are taking place in his physique – his respiratory and coronary heart charge will likely be slowing down, easing him into sleep.  It’s thought that this mild, managed transition is sweet for avoiding cot dying.

The Lullaby Belief on dummies

In response to The Lullaby Trust, “Some analysis means that it’s potential that utilizing a dummy when placing a child all the way down to sleep may cut back the chance of sudden toddler dying.” The essential phrase within the SIDS literature is that you solely use the dummy to settle a child when he goes to sleep and when it falls out you don’t reinsert it, thus avoiding dummy dependency.

One other good thing about utilizing a dummy is that it removes the temptation to thumb suck. “One of many benefits of dummies is that they forestall the newborn from sucking his thumb. When it comes to enamel and jaws, the dummy is preferable. It is extremely troublesome for the newborn to cease sucking his thumb, whereas a dummy is far simpler to remove from the newborn,” Nina Nissen Falbert, dentist.

Benefits of utilizing a dummy

Utilizing a dummy counteracts mouth respiratory. “Mouth respiratory implies that usually – each through the day and at night time – your child will use their mouth to breathe as an alternative of their nostril. It’s higher to breathe via the nostril as this protects the mucous membranes, will increase oxygen uptake, counteracts tooth decay and counteracts an altered jaw place because of the resting place of the tongue.” Carina Løvstad, dental hygienist. If a child is sucking on a dummy, air introduced right into a child’s physique through the nasal tubes is warmed and filtered earlier than it reaches the lungs and this, too, could have a useful impact.

In response to Colic SOS, “Infants who are suffering with acid reflux disease, often known as gastro-oesophageal illness (GORD) can profit from utilizing a dummy. The sucking triggers the relief of the decrease oesophageal sphincter (the valve that opens for contents to move via to the abdomen). The relief of the sphincters is essential however for infants with reflux the relief of the sphincter within the absence of swallowing… permits gastric contents to move again up into the oesophagus, which causes the ache and the irritation. The sucking on the dummy ensures that infants maintain swallowing to forestall this backflow of the acid and meals.”


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After we give our new child a dummy, we don’t normally cease to consider their enamel. We’re extra involved about taking good care of our child, soothing them so that they’re comfy. And but the query will ultimately come up:

How do dummies have an effect on child enamel and from what age?

As your child grows and develops, it’s necessary to contemplate the impression of dummy use on enamel and gums.

In response to the NHS, utilizing dummies after the age of 12 months can encourage an open chew, which is when enamel transfer to create space for the dummy. They could additionally have an effect on your little one’s speech improvement. However the excellent news is that for those who take away the dummy earlier than the age of three, any injury to their enamel is reversible.

“Many research have proven that in case your little one stops utilizing a dummy earlier than the age of three, enamel alignment typically normalises with out therapy later in life,” says Nina.

Selecting your child’s dummy

Discovering the correct dummy in your child is a crucial resolution. However this journey may also be a bit annoying for brand spanking new mother and father who don’t actually know which merchandise are proper for his or her child. Relating to the correct dummy, there isn’t any normal reply, and that’s as a result of all infants are completely different. You’ll in all probability have to check completely different styles and sizes to seek out the right one. Some infants choose a selected nipple form, measurement or materials, whereas others haven’t any desire and easily settle for any variation they’re given. Infants have completely different sucking methods and completely different mouths.

Pure rubber v silicone teat dummies

All BIBS dummies are constituted of the very best high quality supplies utilizing pure rubber latex or silicone, each free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates. We clarify the variations between the 2 supplies, so you possibly can select the correct dummy in your little one.

Pure rubber dummies

Pure rubber latex is derived from a sticky milky fluid tapped from the Hevea tree. The fluid is refined to the brown/yellow rubber you’ll recognise out of your dummies, providing an excellent smooth, elastic, and resilient materials that mimics the mom’s smooth nipple. As a result of elasticity of the fabric, the nipple can change form and measurement due to the sturdy vacuum of the newborn, which may generally consequence within the nipple increasing, if it’s not changed in time.

Silicone dummies

Silicone is an industrially manufactured hypoallergenic, odorless, and taste-neutral materials that’s recognized for its purity. Silicone is 100% freed from dangerous and endocrine-disrupting elements similar to BPA, PVC, and phthalates. The graceful clear nipple just isn’t as smooth as pure rubber latex, but it surely retains its form, doesn’t age, and may stand up to excessive temperatures.

BIBS’ assortment of dummies can be found in three nipple shapes: anatomical, symmetrical and spherical, and in probably the most lovely colors.

When ought to I take the dummy away?

As with all the pieces else, you will need to wean your child off their dummy in small, gradual steps.  Attempt to cease utilizing a dummy by the point your child is 10-12 months to assist forestall issues later. If it’s not potential to wean the kid from the dummy earlier than the age of three, attempt to get the kid to make use of the dummy as little as potential and with as little depth as potential.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that all kids are completely different and that long-term dummy use can have an effect on tooth alignment. It clearly depends upon how usually, how lengthy and with what depth the dummy is used. You recognize your little one greatest and if there may be any doubt, the recommendation of a dentist ought to be sought.

For extra details about premium Danish child and toddler model BIBS and their fantastic vary merchandise, click on here.


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